KIN UKON • Strong immune system • Antiviral effect

In times like these, additional strengthening of the body's own defences is highly recommended. A strong immune system is also a stronger protection against viruses. 


 What are the unique benefits of TURMERIC


  • Anti-inflammatory effect   
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Antiviral effect 
  • Protecting body cells from destroying attacks of free radicals
  • Supporting the body's own detoxification  
  • Protecting the lungs
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system


What are the unique benefits of KIN UKON

  • 100% natural turmeric caplets from Okinawa
  • Consists of a unique mixture of three different varieties of turmeric: Spring, Autumn, and Purple Turmeric. Which according to traditional Japanese natural medicine knowledge, has an synergistic effect. This means that the varieties reinforce and complement each other optimally in terms of effectiveness and bioavailability.
  •  The turmeric mixture is fermented. This creates among other benefits, an increase of the active ingredient curcumin, while at the same time its absorption in the intestine is optimized.
  • Contains effective curcumin in natural form.
  • NO additives, preservatives and coagulants.  
  • No side effects - can be taken as a daily dietary supplement.



The recommended daily dose are 10-15 turmeric caplets, taken in the evening with water.

 For further optimized absorption, KIN UKON can be taken with a fatty meal.



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100% gurkemeje kugler fra Okinawa - Japan

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”One and only turmeric supplement in Japan without additives. The effects are unique and can't be compared to any other turmeric supplement.”   Japanese manufacturer