Karen Foxdal, God fornøjelse med KIN UKON

The Story

Back in 2015, I first discovered the incredible powers of the turmeric root when I asked a Japanese friend about the “secret” behind her youthful appearance and seemingly limitless vitality. In response, she gave me a glass of turmeric caplets that she had brought from Okinawa “the Japanese island with the world's highest concentration of 100-year-olds”. I was immediately convinced of the effect of this “pure gold”! After a few days, I felt vital and powerful like never before, my skin was clearer and “naturally fresh”, the migraine disappeared and after a few weeks I started to notice an increased ability to concentrate and remember. The unique turmeric mix was for me - love at first try!


Totally convinced about wanting to share all these positive effects with everybody, I decided to put this plan into action: Get a deal with the Japanese manufacturer to sell his turmeric in Europe. Turned out to be easier thought than done. Actually, it took quite a while, many creative attempts and a 

big shopping bag of turmeric products (trying out all sorts of turmeric products hoping to find a similar quality product, at least for my for my own use ... doesn´t exist!), until I could convince the Japanese manufacturer to enter into a partnership. So finally I jumped on a plane to Okinawa ... Today it's a great pleasure for me to be able to offer this “Gold Turmeric” from Okinawa in Europe, on a business basis based 100% on product belief and enthusiasm.

I chose the name KIN UKON - it is Japanese and means “GOLD TURMERIC”.


Stay healthy, stay strong, stay with Kin Ukon

Karen Foxdal                                                                            


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