We are often asked how KIN UKON should be taken in order to achieve optimal absorption of its active ingredients - whether with fat, pepper/piperine or just as it is?


Therefore, we would like to provide some information on the bioavailability and the different ways of consuming turmeric. The bioavailability indicates the amount of a particular substance that the body can absorb and process.


Turmeric, also known as the “Magic Root”, has received increasing positive attention for several years. The reason is the best-known complex of active ingredients in turmeric - curcumin. A powerful antioxidant with extraordinary and multiple positive effects on health. But it is also known that curcumin has a limited bioavailability. This means that only a small part of the curcumin gets absorbed in the intestines and transport into the bloodstream. There are several different approaches to increasing the resorption rate.


From a scientific point of view these include:


The combination with black pepper (piperine)

There is scientific evidence that piperine, the main active ingredient in black pepper, increases the bioavailability of turmeric by 20 times. As a result of this evidence, the market is overwhelmed with a various number of turmeric-piperine combination products. Piperine promotes digestion, but has serious side effects at the same time. It inhibits the breakdown of some substances in the body, which can be undesirable when it comes to medicine, for example. It also increases the permeability of the intestinal mucosa - and not only for curcumin, but also for all other substances. In this way, the body's own degradation of products and foreign substances such as environmental toxins, which the intestinal barrier is supposed to protect us from, can get into the bloodstream. A permeable intestinal barrier involves a risk of health issues like inflammation or allergies, and not only for sensitive people.


Turmeric in micellar form

The production of micellar curcumin is still relatively new. With the so-called micellar technology, the fat-soluble curcumin is “packed” into small bubbles (micelles) with the help of an emulsifier, so that the curcumin can be more easily absorbed into the aqueous environment of the cells. The bioavailability of micellar curcumin is said to be around 185 times higher than that of natural curcumin. However, the synthetic emulsifier (polysorbate 80) can contribute to intestinal flora disorders and even intestinal inflammation. Further harmful effects cannot be ruled out. There has furthermore not yet been a study that has examined whether the effects and tolerability of micellar curcumin are better than those of “natural” curcumin. So far only the bioavailability has been examined.


In Asia, where turmeric is native, its health benefits have been valued for thousands of years. The absorption of its active ingredients is promoted in a natural way:


Ingestion with fat

"Prevention is better than cure" - aligning your diet according to this principle is deeply rooted in Asian cultures. Turmeric enriches the diet as a delicious spice and at the same time as a digestive, bile-flow-stimulating, liver-protecting and anti-inflammatory ingredient on a daily basis. Regularly in small quantities and processed in fatty dishes – this way, the fat-soluble curcumin can better be obtained by the body.



Fermentation is an age-old way of preserving and refining food.  During the fermentation process, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino and fatty acids, secondary plant substances and enzymes are broken down very finely by microorganisms which enables the absorption much more easily. At the same time, the microorganisms ensure an increase in active substances. Japan in particular is known for its elaborate traditional fermentation techniques that produce highly active vital substance concentrates with optimal bioavailability.


KIN UKON - the natural way

KIN UKON consists of a unique mixture of three different varieties of turmeric which, according to traditional Japanese natural medicine knowledge, has an synergistic effect. This means that the varieties reinforce and complement each other optimally in terms of effectiveness and bioavailability.


The turmeric mixture is fermented during the manufacturing process. Among other benefits, this results in an increase of the active ingredient curcumin and optimizes the absorption ability in the intestine.


In addition, the turmeric root naturally contains some fat – the final KIN UKON product contains 26g fat per 100g. Nature has therefore taken precautions, which is why KIN UKON do not necessarily have to be taken with "additional" fat. But to promote the absorption further, KIN UKON can be taken with a fatty meal.


In KIN UKON, there are therefore three ways in which the bioavailability is optimized, within the extent of nature - and thus not only in relation to bioavailability, but also in relation to optimal effect and digestibility.


So the maximum is not always the right thing to do. It is crucial that curcumin is absorbed by the intestine in an amount that is healthy for the body. This amount can vary from person to person. For a general guideline, we quote the US pharmacologist Dr. Jennifer Jamison: “Curcumin should only be administered in a coordinated dosage. 100 milligrams per day are considered to be well tolerated"[1] - which corresponds to the intake of approx. 15 KIN UKON caplets per day [2].


Turmeric does not only contain curcumin, but also many other substances which mutually reinforce each other in their positive effect. Nowadays there are numerous indications that, in some cases, the consumption of turmeric makes more sense than the consumption of pure curcumin. From a holistic point of view, it is therefore advisable to focus on turmeric as a whole rather than on curcumin.


KIN UKON was developed on the basis of traditional Japanese natural medicine knowledge in long-term collaboration with Ryukyu University on Okinawa. It is produced under the strictest quality conditions so that we can deliver a 100% pure premium turmeric product.


KIN UKON - 100% natural turmeric, because nature knows what it is doing.




[1] Source Biological Pharmacology:

[2] Notice that the daily konsumption should not exceed 30 Kin Ukon caplets..